Two brothers and Editors on the path of epicness, working along side for more than 10 years. The bond is incredibly powerful, the results are awesomely epic.

our mission: give you epic entertainment, action soundpacks and help sound design your projects

Hello comrade, we’re Tomas and Nicolas. Living in South America, Argentina.

Our main goal is to deliver one hell of a fun time to our viewers. We are hardcore fans of Action Movies and we aim to make every scene more powerful and epic than the Original by adding our epic Sound Design and sometimes adding Music of our taste.

We are making Epic Fight videos (RE-SOUND) because we think in most action movies sound design is lacking.

For over 10 years we’ve also been delivering epic Sound Design for Filmmakers, Martial Artists Demo Reels, YouTube Content Creators and more.

Want to join forces and make epic projects together?

Clients Opinion

Clients from all over the World are working with us. Epic results are proved by our Testimonials.