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Our mission: to deliver the best possible audio experience


We're two Editors and Brothers. You know your videos could be sounding 10x times better, we are the only ones who provide the BEST Sound Design for content creators. Your content is unique and needs the best. We are unique, we are Re-Sound Studio.

How can we help you:

Sound Design Service

Our Sound Design can elevate your projects to a whole new level


Our high selection of Action Packs are here to help you level up your passion for high testosterone sounds

We are hardcore fans of Action Movies and the only ones that share a true passion for Sound Design and help the amazing Content Creator out there.


How we are helping them?


To achieve their dreams, to finally have their art being covered in all areas, to have the BEST Sound in the world. For over 10 years we’ve been delivering epic Sound Design to Filmmakers, Martial Artists, Content Creators and more.


Want to join forces and make epic projects together?

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Clients from all over the World are working with us. Epic results are proved by our Testimonials.