Soundpack DELUXE

THIS IS THE MOST COMPLETE PACK. All our Packs are in here. Behold the power of Soundpack Deluxe. 3.270 sound effects can now be in your hands!

Soundpack 7 UPGRADED!

BOMBASTIC PACK! Scroll down a tiny bit to know what it contains, because you will find a Pack with high amount of different Sound Effects.


Real like gunfire sounds effects. If you want to create an intense realistic shooting scene, this is the one.


The ideal Pack for beginners. Contains a great variety of Sound Effects for any action scene.

Soundpack MELEE

Contains nothing but the best Melee Weapons Sound Effects. Swords will no longer sound like a shitty kids toy sword. MASSIVE RESULTS ASSURED

Soundpack COMBAT

This one packs quite a punch. Some really intense Sound Effects ready for any fist fight.


The best over the top collection of Firearms at your disposal.