“10 Tips for Selecting the Right Sound for Your Videos”

The importance of sound in videos Sound is a crucial aspect of video production as it can significantly impact the overall viewer experience. High-quality sound can enhance the emotional impact of your videos, keeping the audience engaged and immersed in the content. On the other hand, poor sound quality can be distracting and diminish the […]

Epic letter from one of our greatest clients

“Hey Re-Sound, I still cannot fathom the amount of growth you’ve had since I first contacted you as a fan of your immersive fight sounds. As someone huge into the sound side of cinema, I’ve always had great appreciation for how effective it is to create a new environment and intensity with the subtlety of […]

An offer you wouldn’t believe!

Is our MOST COMPLETE PACK ready to help you fulfill your dreams? Let’s find out why it will: ✅ You will not spent $1000+ hiring a Sound Designer ✅ Much greater offer compared to buying each pack individually. ✅ 3800 sound effects at their disposal ✅ You will be able to full Sound Design the […]


Inspired by the adrenaline-pumping action sequences from blockbuster movies, this affordable collection packs a punch with an explosive array of sound effects. Experience the raw power of each punch as if you were in the ring alongside legendary fighters, channeling the spirit of Rocky Balboa himself. Brace yourself for heart-pounding gunfire that echoes through the […]

Unlimited Power!

Time Unleash the Cinematic Power my friend. .True Power: You’ll be able to create an unparalleled level of cinematic immersion, transporting your audience into the heart of action-packed scenes that rival the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. .Power-Packed Impact: Every sound effect in EPIC FORCE is meticulously designed to deliver bone-shaking impact. .Epic Variety: Offers a wide […]

Sound is Storytelling

Imagine sitting down to watch a legendary movie like Terminator 2, expecting to be blown away by the gripping sound effects, only to be met with a lackluster, even mediocre Sound experience. The power of the storytelling is compromised, and the potential for a truly unforgettable cinematic journey diminishes.It was this very realization that drove […]

Over The Top Soundpack is here!

Good epic day comrade, and another big special day today. A new Pack has been released and it’s a BIG ONE. Say hello to Over The Top Soundpack! How many times you wished you had an Action Pack that truly bring out the 80s/90s powerful vibe? Today that power can be yours. This pack is […]

MUST READ if you want to become a Sound Designer

Hello my friend, today I wanna talk to you about something really important, this will be a more in depth view what is like to have a full time work as a Sound Designer. Are you ready for the truth? Okay here it goes… MOST PEOPLE DON’T APPRECIATE THE ART OF SOUND DESIGN. There I […]

We made it to Netflix!

Happy to announce this comrades, especially because now YOU can watch our work on Netflix. Yes that’s 100% correct my fellow comrade. One of our most ambitious projects we worked on has finally been released on Netflix. “Mat Kilau” is the name. The film is inspired by the epic Malaysian historical figure Mat Kilau who […]


Hello comrades, How’s the new year treating you all?  From our part we started it excited and power up for what’s to come. 140k subscribers on our YouTube channel, working on various projects, one coming out on Netflix and on top of that editing more classic fights from movies. Life is good and all thanks […]