You enjoy watching our fights now you will enjoy making money with us! Yes you heard it right comrade, now it’s the chance to win together! All you need to have is a cool social media related to action stuff and then comes the fun and extremely simple part. Don’t worry, we’ll do all the […]

PRACTICE takes TIMES and both require PASSION…

There’s a fascinating reason why you get good at something and that is PRACTICE and practice obviously takes TIME. Both are connected, both are tied to something unique which is passion. As you know without passion there won’t be “enough” time to work or do anything about it, which we all know the real reason […]

Unfold Epicness…

Hello my fellow comrade, may you have a fantastic day. But let me tell you something else. And this is not an offer, this is an absolute truth that I’m about to tell you. SOUNDPACK 7 UPGRADED is here and it’s kicking ass BIG TIME A truly epic Soundpack ready to make your Sound Editing […]

FREE Demo for you!

Hello and good day to you comrade. Kicking ass and chewing bubblegum are you? Sure you are. Gonna keep it short here. We’ve been releasing insane FREE Demos and people are loving it! So if you haven’t heard of it, this is the time to get it comrade. We got for you today a Free […]

From RE-SOUND STUDIO, we thank you!

Hello comrade, nice day to chat with you. I always think how lucky we are to able to keep delivering epic videos for you. We know that most of you reading this have found us through our Youtube channel, it has been a long and painful journey using Youtube platform but ultimately we’ve gained more […]

5 Tips To Get Along With Your Clients

THIS IS A SPECIAL MAIL FOR CURRENT OR FUTURE SOUND DESIGNERS. I hope that our work and passion is inspiring some of you to give Sound Designing a chance. Always great to hear private messages from awesome comrades being inspired and getting into this gig. We completely appreciate your messages. And for that we got […]

“Real like Gunfire Sound Effects? Yes please”

You never usually hear a Soundpack named “Realistic” that’s because there aren’t any as real as this one comrade. If Insane realism is what you are looking then “Realistic Pack” is EXACTLY for you. All completely recorded at shooting ranges that we usually visit, all then mixed to perfection to deliver intense, REAL like shootings. […]

Re-Sound in theaters!

Did you ever imagined how it would feel to work on a massive project and months later finding out it has made a huge success? It feels EPIC Imagine how it would feel going to the theater, sitting down waiting for the movie to start while eating a full bag of popcorn and when it […]

Get ahead of 99% of Sound Designers

Oh, so you really want to get ahead of most Sound Designers are you? GOOD, I respect that. Follow me comrade… You already went through the hardest part and that’s finding a trustworthy place to give you the best. 3270 Professional Sound Effects ready to drag and drop, yes it’s that easy… CHECK OUR MOST […]

It’s not over until YOU say it’s over

We got many people saying to us, “comrade how did you kept going after getting your Youtube channel banned so many times” and all we gotta say is “We are not stopping until we say it so” And that is really important for every aspect of life I believe, I believe that whatever you want […]