1.154 SFX ready to blow your mind!

Hello comrades, As some of you may know, Soundpack 7 Upgraded came out a couple of days ago and it was a BOOM. The Pack has 203 more SFX to play with. That means combining forces with the original Soundpack 7 and this new upgrade, it now has an epic size of 1.154 Action Sound […]

Matrix 4 stunt double on this RE-SOUND!

Hello comrades, From time to time we have the pleasure to work on Sound Designing some epic projects and this one falls into that category. Younes Boutinane (Action actor, fight performer, stunt, fight choreographer) ask us to work on his latest short video and we couldn’t say no to that. Also starring Jade Dregorius (Action […]

“Trek to Yomi” TRAILER RE-SOUND!

There’s an epic first time for everything and this is one we clearly had never done before! Good day my friends, yes it’s a nice a day to show you something cool. You see the poster above? Well if you don’t know it’s from a game called “Trek to Yomi”. Cool looking game with an […]

P.A.R.T.Y. – Official Animated Music Video

It’s P.A.R.T.Y. time! Comrades if you like parties, heavy drinking and a whole lot of fun then this is your lucky day. AND… Even if you don’t like parties, super heavy drinking and a whole lot of fun… YOU ARE GONNA LOVE THIS ONE ANYWAY. But before I show the epic music clip from the […]

This ONE thing is missing in your videos

Power, loud, grand, monumental, high sounding, extravagant, bombastic, EPIC SOUND EFFECTS. That’s exactly what most videos need sometimes. Choreography is great, actors did an amazing job, super exciting to watch, everything is correct. Then Post production comes up and that’s when things get complicated. YOU DON’T HAVE POWERFUL SOUNDS to cover that epic scene. That’s […]

Why we started creating Epic Sound Packs

There’s a simple reason why we started creating Soundpacks. Some action movies we watched as kids sounded absolutely awesome and some sounded boring. While noticing this I kept asking my self “why some movies sound worse than others, why can’t they just use the sounds from the good ones and sound better” I was literally […]


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