Why we started creating Epic Sound Packs

There’s a simple reason why we started creating Soundpacks. Some action movies we watched as kids sounded absolutely awesome and some sounded boring. While noticing this I kept asking my self “why some movies sound worse than others, why can’t they just use the sounds from the good ones and sound better” I was literally thinking as a kid, not joking.


Obviously I didn’t understand how the business worked and when you start growing up you realize that is not about a lack of money that drives a movie to sound bad, it’s not even about what year the movie came out because I think “Saving Private Ryan” is still the undisputed champion of Sound Design (realistic Sound Design) miles away from any other movie and it came out in 1998!


It’s just the effort and passion you put into it, that simple. It’s the lack of vision and the lousy work of a Sound Designer that makes a movie Sound Design hear horrible. Sometimes the tight schedules makes the Sound Designer to take desperate measures and edits a film in a rushed way. It doesn’t really matter what the reason is, what’s important is that the final product is not good.


With that in mind we created our Epic Packs, with effort and passion. To solve any kind of situation you’re in. Are you rushed to upload your video? OUR Soundpacks will solve your problem. Do you want your videos to sound professional? OUR Soundpacks got you cover.


Why are we sure that our packs will solve your problems? Simple… They were created to sound EPIC.



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