Epic letter from one of our greatest clients

“Hey Re-Sound,

I still cannot fathom the amount of growth you’ve had since I first contacted you as a fan of your immersive fight sounds. As someone huge into the sound side of cinema, I’ve always had great appreciation for how effective it is to create a new environment and intensity with the subtlety of our ears for the visual experience. And to think you’d say yes to all the crazy projects we’d make since!When we worked on the F-Zero project together, your expertise was still as riveting into the kind of world I wanted represented. To have you go from that to so many other cinematic feats, music video collaborations with Alex and Napalm Records to now this amazing passion project 2.5 years in the making had me feel so proud of how far you’ve come. You’ve gone from from fight edits on YouTube to fully expanding your master craft for others in what I feel is Academy-level quality.

Your effort is to be appreciated as greatly as it can, hence why I wanted to ensure you have something not just in the broad scopes of the internet to be remembered by but also a physical reward too. I’m a firm believer in the effect we can make in the world of film and animation regardless of where we come from. It’s such a fascinating medium that allows me to be connected to so many amazing parts of the world and their identities given the K. Rool project. You are no exception and even if it’s a lot of work to get it there, I mean it with all my heart for you to continue thriving.

I hope you enjoy the bottle we made as well as the award. I know fan projects don’t have a chance to get recognition for an Academy Award, but since this is the same company that made the Oscars, this is the closest I feel for everything you did for us.Wishing you guys the best on all endeavors and to continue spreading that magic of violence. I know we will be working again when the time comes for my next opportunities.

Warm regards, Martin Lis”

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