DID YOU EVER FELT THE need for more?

Tomas here,

Did you always felt that you want to be a better version of what you are right now?

I know I felt it. If you feel it like me then this WILL help.


My life was completely different 6 years ago. 6 years ago I was weak and completely unmotivated.

Wasting all day playing games was part of my daily routine. Bare in mind I still play games (1-2 hours maybe 2 days a Week) and I still love games, but you got to take responsibility for yourself.

“You have to unlearn what you have learn” One of the most powerful and correct quotes of all times.

Start by removing or minimizing the bad habits and re-imagine yourself as the most badass person in the world.

I understand, this is not a simple task but I’ll show you how to achieve this.

First, take a look at picture below.


I’m an EDITOR, I spent most of my day on the computer and I still look better than 99% of most Editors I’ve seen or met.

This is an example of how much you can achieve by just doing the right things.

I’m looking as better as ever and still working my ass off to get more gains.

This is where my workout routine and my self esteem got much better, reading and putting into practice actions from this book:

A book made by Alexander Cortes 

A truly inspiring person that pushes you to achieve the best results in life.

This is the most important thing I learned from this book:

“The assurance of following a program that’s proven to work, that delivers consistent results, and that removes all the guesswork and uncertainty from your efforts.”

If you are like I was. Playing games and doing nothing but lazy shit, then this is book and this man is gonna help you sort your life out.


To help YOU to be a better/stronger person.

It can be complicated to achieve this in an editors life.


Because you’re always sitting down and shut away from the exterior. This deteriorates your mind and your body.

But there are always ways to minimize the negative effects.

Today I’m enjoying life more than ever.¬†

You can too…

Stay strong comrades!