Hello friends,

My name is Tomas, I’m the one who is gonna write most of these posts.

Nicolas sometimes will share some great things too.

They are gonna either filled with epic content or Epic words.

Editing tutorials, life advice’s, Workout tips, movie reviews, game reviews, etc.

We’re gonna be sharing OUR point of view of many things to you!

So you can know us better and vice versa.

Let’s start with the basic.


That’s a good question.

We’re two BROTHERS. Tomas and Nicolas. Both EDITORS.

Nicolas does most of the editing for our clients and also manages our YouTube Channel.


I created this EPIC Website, manage most of social media platforms, create posters for our Soundpacks, Intros and Outros.

We’re now both fully committed to this work.

But it wasn’t always like this.

We never really thought that we would get to this point.


Nicolas was the first who started editing videos. And it all started with the question “why some movies have really shitty Sound Design?”

That was more than 10 years ago. Man that’s a lot time.

Anyway, this was just a hobby.

But as time passed Nicolas got better at editing. In fact REALLY GOOD.

So I told him “Why don’t we create Soundpacks of our own and start sharing it to other people?”

Slowly but surely we both began to do our work, as as TEAM.


Now this shit gets real…

RE-SOUND STUDIO is our perfect combination of knowledge and awesomeness together.

Now our work gets totally free of copyright.

No more YOUTUBE fucking with us.

Our clients (possibly you) can help us to create the most Badass YOUTUBE CHANNEL EVER.

With YOUR epic videos and our Epic Re-sounds we’ll be unstoppable.

That’s why I urge you to join us and work together.

Any project that’s needs Sound or Visual editing. We are in!


We’re worth it.


That’s about it for this topic.

If you read all of this I thank you.

Much more badass content coming soon.

Salutations from both of us.

Your comrades,

Tomas and Nicolas.

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