MUST READ if you want to become a Sound Designer

Hello my friend, today I wanna talk to you about something really important, this will be a more in depth view what is like to have a full time work as a Sound Designer.

Are you ready for the truth? Okay here it goes…


There I said my friend, that’s the harsh truth we as Sound Designers have to deal many times. But let me clarify something, not every client behave like this, some of which we have been working for years have proven to be truly great people and actually respect the work we do.

With that being said, there’s a LOT in fact I’ll say most people don’t think that is a job that requires a lot work therefore complain about the prices. That’s a cheap move, and simply unfair.

The pieces of a clock must be functioning correctly in order to make it work like it should. The same principle goes with a movie, series or even a video on Youtube. If you want to make good content you need to be covered on all sides. And obviously Sound Designing a video is a HUGE part of the content you’re publishing.

The bottom line is if you want to become a Sound Designer you need to have this in your mind: CHARGE THE CLIENT WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT, not what the client thinks is right.

Always show honesty and simply stand up for your profession, give your absolute best and provide the best attention to your client.

Our Soundpacks we sell and the many projects we have worked on are the evidence that we always give our best to our clients.

Some will look for cheaper prices which in return the video will sound the same… BORING and forgettable.

Make your time worth and people will notice it, I assure you.

That’s it for today, hope this message helps you in your future comrade.


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