Over The Top Soundpack is here!

Good epic day comrade, and another big special day today.

A new Pack has been released and it’s a BIG ONE. Say hello to Over The Top Soundpack! How many times you wished you had an Action Pack that truly bring out the 80s/90s powerful vibe? Today that power can be yours.

This pack is all about the big Finishers, Hits, Legendary hits if you are looking for more bombastic results, Normal Swoosh, Heavy swoosh, Build ups that are really nice to add some previous suspense to the hit and a lot of falls to fit any kind of situation.

Total of 291 Epic Sound Effects!

Oh, this Pack is NOT included in Soundpack Deluxe comrade, it will be sold separately.

Since it’s Black Friday time we’re putting this epic new pack on a crazy offer.

20 awesome comrades can get it at $99 and then it goes to the original price $137.

Are you ready to become an Action Hero? Yes of course you are.


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