P.A.R.T.Y. – Official Animated Music Video

It’s P.A.R.T.Y. time!

Comrades if you like parties, heavy drinking and a whole lot of fun then this is your lucky day.


Even if you don’t like parties, super heavy drinking and a whole lot of fun… YOU ARE GONNA LOVE THIS ONE ANYWAY.

But before I show the epic music clip from the awesome band ALESTORM let me first give a huge thanks to MARTIN LIS who’s been a great client of us for a long time and must say an amazing friend to have. He always takes the time to promote our Sound Design work and that’s a hugely appreciated. Pure and real passion is what you’ll find from this guy. Please give him a follow on his INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT

And last but certainly not least a BIG thanks to ALEX HENDERSON who is the master of behind the animation of this wonderful clip you’ll see next. Please also follow his YOUTUBE ACCOUNT

Great comrades, now it’s time to enjoy…

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