We edit your project as if ​ it was our own.

There is really nothing more disappointing than watching a good looking movie/video and the Sound turns out to be completely monotonous and outright uninspiring.

We aim to ALWAYS make the best version possible in every project we work on. Our passion is evident in every video we worked on and focus 100% on one project at a time.

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a good video with epic sound mixing too.



From the heaviest punch to the most bombastic explosion we ALWAYS got you covered with action related sounds.


Wind, city ambience, cars, forest, river, sea, we can add an incredibly realistic ambient to make it seem truly alive and professional.


Footsteps, clothe movement to the most incredible subtle sound of daily life's we can make it so with an intense realism.

Re-Sound Studio have worked tirelessly in both quality and time, effectively communicating and piecing the ideal storytelling I wanted explored through sound. With their craft, what resulted was some of the most euphoric and authentic sound-work I have ever come across and exceeding my expectations tenfold.

Martin Lis

Content Producer

Some of our epic clients

DKC: Curse of the Crystal Coconut - Animated Short

The French Connection | Martial Arts Fight Scene | Kicks & Flips

BÖRÜ 2039

Rosary | Music by Joel J. Richard

The Rhino and the Redbill

Re-Sound studio provides elite level expertise and knowledge in sound design that was crucial in bringing Rosary to life.


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We're two Editors and Brothers, Tomas and Nicolas. Living in South America, Argentina. Our main goal is to deliver one hell of a fun time to our viewers. We are hardcore fans of Action Movies and we aim to make every scene more powerful and epic than the Original by adding our epic Sound Design and sometimes adding Music of our taste.