PRACTICE takes TIMES and both require PASSION…

There’s a fascinating reason why you get good at something and that is PRACTICE and practice obviously takes TIME. Both are connected, both are tied to something unique which is passion. As you know without passion there won’t be “enough” time to work or do anything about it, which we all know the real reason why you feel this way, you hate it and its completely natural to feel this way.

Me (Tomas) and my brother Nicolas have practice Sound Designing for more than 10 years. Yes you heard that right comrade and our passion for this has never wore down at any given moment. We’ve been banned 3 times (or was it 4?) on YOUTUBE and we keep going and going. We know for sure this is the right path to take and will take us even higher.

This message is for anyone out here that doubts , NEVER give up your passion for anything in the world. Don’t doubt, if you truly love what you do you will find a way to make it so. Follow that path with 100% conviction and I assure you that light will eventually come out of it and before you know it you will be happy with what you do.

Hope this message reaches a person that needed to hear this words and stay strong. You build your own future my friend.


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