Re-Sound in theaters!

Did you ever imagined how it would feel to work on a massive project and months later finding out it has made a huge success?

It feels EPIC

Imagine how it would feel going to the theater, sitting down waiting for the movie to start while eating a full bag of popcorn and when it finally does, the first action begins and you realize YOU Sound Design that action scene! glorious feeling. I wish I could have been there at the premiere of this epic film “Mat Kilau” a film by Syamsul Yusof.

A great man full of talent that had the awesomeness to contact us and worked as a team to make this happen, just awesome.

Will let you know when it’s coming internationally so we can all watch it. What I do know is that is an epic film full of talented actors with some of most insane action scenes I have ever seen. Trust me I have edited them!

You can see for yourself by watching the trailer right below.

Cheers comrade!

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