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Some of our happy CLients

Working with a star!

You know you are good when a Instagram Star of +2 million followers is hiring us to Sound Design his videos!

Working on An Entire Netflix series!

Hard work pays off and this sure was the case. Massive project we Sound Design ENTIRELY from scratch.

Working on a Netflix Movie!

Epic Film that got to be a blockbuster in their Country. Our Sound Design help that to be accomplished.


Working with Re-Sound Studio was a game-changer for my animation project. The meticulous attention to detail brought my characters to life, blending seamlessly with the visuals. The sound effects added a layer of depth that elevated the entire animation experience. Highly recommended!
Sergio García

2D Animator & VFX Artist • Creative director

Re-Sound Studio is cinematic sound done RIGHT! We can’t sing their praises enough: Excellent communication, fast service and superior sound quality that has taken our projects at Unworthy Productions to the next level! We highly recommend everyone from indie to professional level filmmakers to utilize their services if you want your productions to sound pitch perfect to your visuals. What stood out most to us is their attention to detail that make action scenes feel “fuller” and more dynamic. 10/10 sound design!
Unworthy Productions

Video creator • Indie Films by Fans

The results I’ve gotten from teaming up with Re-soundStudio have surpassed my expectations that were already very high. The attention to detail immaculate. Sound were added in the film I had would have never we thought of. Between this and the quality of the sound and mixing it was like watch a brand new film. I would highly recommend to anyone needing sound for their projects. They were great to work with will definitely like to have them on my next film!
Michael Agudelo

Star Wars Content Creator

What makes us stand out from

most sound designers

We work fast and efficiently keeping 100% quality in your project

What makes us stand out is the quickness in which we work and most importantly keeping the quality at 100% epicness in every Project we get involved in

We stay in contact during the whole process

This is probably the biggest reason why we stand out from most sound designers. We like to keep you updated how the process is coming along with quick samples. We basically don't disappear for a Week, we are always available during the process


We believe that for an Epic Project to have the best results we all need to work as a team and share ideas to make it sound truly EPIC

We are truly passionate about sound design

Our passion is evident by hearing the results from all our clients. We will take your Project as it was our own and we'll make it sound like it truly deserves

How can we

help you


From the heaviest punch to the most bombastic explosion we ALWAYS got you covered with action related sounds


Footsteps, clothe movement to the most incredible subtle sound of daily life's we can make it so with an intense realism


Wind, city ambience, cars, forest, river, sea, we can add an incredibly realistic ambient to make it seem truly alive and professional

How awesome you want your

dream project to sound?

Whichever option you select will consistently receive the same level of dedication and love, ensuring a 100% Epic quality experience for both. Revisions and Priority is the key difference.

Projects up to 5 minutes long:

Per Minute

Quality is the same on both choices
$ 100
  • No Revisions
  • Longer time for Delivery
  • 100% Focus On Your Project
  • Every required SFX will be added


With the cost varying based on the quantity of sound effects your project requires. In this tier, we will include all the essential sound effects needed. If need be, we'll talk about the project requirements to make it sound as best as possible. However, any kind of revision and changes won't be made solely based on personal preferences, but any clear errors will be corrected, like Sounds that are missing from the project or not placed in the right position.

Per Minute

Quality is the same on both choices
$ 200
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Priority In Delivery
  • 100% Focus On Your Project
  • Every required SFX will be added
Best choice


Is the one to go if you want to take your project where you imagined it to be or even surpass that! We will working as team, sharing each other ideas to give the best result possible. Priced at $200 per minute, it signifies a commitment to excellence. The cost varying based on the Project, depth and intricacy of sound effects you want us to add. This tier offers the flexibility of unlimited revisions. We welcome your feedback and alteration requests, creating an interactive process that guarantees the transformation of your project into an epic masterpiece.

Projects 5+ minutes long:

Price to be determined

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Priority In Delivery
  • 100% Focus On Your Project
  • Every required SFX will be added


This is for longer projects that require our epic magic. The only difference between the other two is the pricing. Let's chat privately about it!

We will work closely with you to create custom sound effects and design the ACTION, FOLEY AND AMBIENT that perfectly complements your project. Whether it’s a game, film, or video, we’ll make sure that the audio enhances the overall experience and immerses the audience in the action.

Trust us to elevate your project with the most epic and badass action sound effects on the market.

Find us at:

Get to watch our epic content on our Social Medias or simply send us a message


We're two Editors and Brothers. You know your videos could be sounding 10x times better, we are the only ones who provide the BEST Sound Design for content creators. Your content is unique and needs the best. We are unique, we are Re-Sound Studio.

Some of our

epic clients

Mat Kilau

The film is inspired by the epic Malaysian historical figure Mat Kilau who had fought against the British colonists in Pahang before independence.

GLORYHAMMER - Keeper Of The Celestial Flame Of Abernethy (Official Video)

Follow the rise of Zargothrax into a twisted sorcerer of chaos and evil, as he seeks the ultimate revenge on the Prince of Fife and all his descendants!

BÖRÜ 2039

At a time when alliances, order and tranquility have been shattered, the world is on the brink of a new war. Wars are raging in this new world dominated by dangerous technologies out of human control.

YAMAKASI -20 years later (Short film)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film Yamakasi, here is a short film dedicated to the founders of Art Du Déplacement.

Trek to Yomi | Live Action Trailer

As a vow to his dying Master, the young swordsman Hiroki is sworn to protect his town and the people he loves against all threats. Faced with tragedy and bound to duty, the lone samurai must voyage beyond life and death to confront himself and decide his path forward.

ALESTORM - P.A.R.T.Y. (Official Video)

The dance-infused folk sound of “P.A.R.T.Y.” will assuredly bring up the urge to gather your crew and bop happily along arm in arm. Set your sails and join ALESTORM at their pirate party on the open seas!

The Rhino and the Redbill

Welcome to the valley. Stay alive. Keep hydrated. Make it home.

DKC: Curse of the Crystal Coconut - Animated Short

Rosary | Music by Joel J. Richard

Rosary, the daughter of Satan, seeks retribution on her father.


In time for 30th Anniversary of Nintendo's F-Zero franchise, Bootleg Dubs has beamed back its first transmission from Universe B, in the form of the F-Zero anime spin-off's final episode.

The French Connection | Martial Arts Fight Scene | Kicks & Flips

Michel Quach | Action Reel

Unmatched creativity in action and foley sound effects and the pricing is great!
The level of creativity and skill that went into each sound was truly remarkable. They really know how to capture the intensity and excitement of any scene.
Incredible attention to detail.
I can't say enough good things about the team's sound design work! Their attention to detail and ability to create immersive soundscapes is truly impressive. They worked closely with us to understand our vision and delivered exceptional ambient and foley sound effects that really brought our project to life. I'm excited to work with them again on future projects!
Expertly crafted action sound effects that blew us away.
Re-sound studio action sound effects were simply amazing. Their attention to detail and ability to bring even the smallest sounds to life is what sets them apart. We are so grateful to have worked with them and can't wait to do so again.
Passionate professionals who take sound design to the next level.
When we tasked the team with creating the action sound effects for our project, we had high expectations - and they exceeded them all! From the sound of gunfire to the roar of engines, every sound effect they created added an incredible level of realism and excitement to our scenes. We were blown away by the final product.
Korey Torres
Truly impressive sound design work that brings projects to life!
I have worked with a lot of sound designers over the years, but none of them compare to this team when it comes to action sound effects. Their ability to create dynamic and realistic sounds is simply unparalleled. Thanks to their incredible work, our action scenes came to life in a way we never thought possible. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for epic sound design work!
Korey Torres

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