Take action sound design to a whole other level

 You have seen what we have seen… you experience what we experienced. Boring Sound Effects. Time to change that my friend.


Our goal is to give back the power of epicness to you… you deserve the best to create the best.


Are you ready? Let’s go, follow me my friend


behold the power of Soundpack Deluxe. our most complete pack filled with 3.270 sound effects can now be in your hands!




Soundpack 2

$ 30
  • Ideal to start editing
  • Full quality Sound Effects
  • Drag & Drop!



$ 247
  • Contains most of the Packs!
  • With a Super Offer
  • Full quality Sound Effects
  • Drag & Drop!

Realistic soundpack

$ 97
  • The most realistic Pack
  • Full quality Sound Effects
  • Drag & Drop!

The packs are very well worth the purchase with a wide variety of sound effects that will give your edits a fantastic auditory flare, and the process of using them is incredibly simple and approachable to anyone regardless of their prior editing background. If you’re looking for sounds with memorable impact and bone-crunching lethality, these packs have you covered. I’ve already used the studio’s effects to re-sound several of my own favorite movie fights, and I’m not about to stop anytime soon.



Compatible Software

All Sound Effects come as WAV files, meaning you can import and work with them in any software that can handle this file type. Here are the most common audio and video editing software tools that work perfectly with our epic Sound Effects

Choose the best for you

Soundpack DELUXE

THIS IS THE MOST COMPLETE PACK. Most of our Packs are in here (OVER THE TOP not included). Behold the power of Soundpack Deluxe. 3.270 sound effects can now be in your hands!

OVER THE TOP Soundpack

An incredible Pack that focuses on bringing out true power to your scenes. A devastating hit, a super swoosh movement, an epic “finish him” attack.

Soundpack 7 UPGRADED!

BOMBASTIC PACK! Scroll down a tiny bit to know what it contains, because you will find a Pack with high amount of different Sound Effects.


Real like gunfire sounds effects. If you want to create an intense realistic shooting scene, this is the one.


The ideal Pack for beginners. Contains a great variety of Sound Effects for any action scene. Punches, Super Hits, Blocks, Gunfire, Melee Weapons, Explosions, etc.

Soundpack MELEE

This Pack focuses on containing nothing but the best Melee Weapons Sound Effects. Swords will sound like your video deserve.

Soundpack COMBAT

This one packs quite a punch. Some really intense Sound Effects ready for any fist fight.


The best over the top collection of Firearms at your disposal.

What our Customers Have to Say


The SFX are all custom-made?

Yes, the sound effects are made from scratch. All recorded at our Epic studio.

Can I use the SFX in my projects?

Of course! once you buy it, it’s yours. The only restriction is that you can’t resell the Soundpacks.

Do I need a special program?

No friend, you can use any Audio/video editor there is. We personally use VEGAS PRO. The reason is, it’s the easiest to use for editing SFX. You can get it now if you click “BUY HERE”.

Are you the real Tony Jaa?

I get that question all the time and no, I’m not Tony Jaa. I’m Tony Jax

Are the SFX easy to use?

Yes very much, you just need to DRAG & DROP or load the SFX (depending on the Editing Program) you want into the program. Very easy!