Tomas here,

I’m really tired of watching depressing shit.

What I mean by depressing shit is for example, the NEWS.

I hate it so much, and I hate it when my family watch it.

It’s like injecting yourself a big ass needle with negative stuff. And people watch it all the time!

You become a negative person. It can’t be healthy for your mind.

Nothing positive can come from it.

So that’s my opinion about that shit.

What I’m trying to say is that what you see everyday is what you become as a person.

Even if it sounds obvious, if you see POSITIVE things you WILL become a better person.

Well, at least less grumpy…

That’s why I see stuff that makes me think about the POSITIVE things in life.

So now I’m gonna tell you about a few YouTube channels and TV shows I watch that lift me up.

This list is always changing over time since I tend to change my mindset.


I don’t know about you, but I love Parkour.

I love it so much that I even trained for a while a long time ago. Doing some flips and shit.

The best I could do was a back flip in a public park. My ankles hated me back then, so I stopped.

But this is a like dream I want it to become true. I really want and WILL do some Parkour.


Storror is group of guys that post videos every Mondays.

These guys make THE best parkour videos I’ve seen.

They ALWAYS lift my up.


Because they are TRULY happy with what they are doing.

You can see it in their faces.

I want that in people. Only by looking at them you see that AURA of positiveness.

And that translates to their videos.

I highly recommend it to start the Week with high power.



I’ve been watching these guys since the Star Wars reviews by Mister Plinket.

If you don’t know about these guys and like acid comedy, go right know and start watching them.

They have a very sarcastic sense of humor and what I like the most about them…


I fucking hate this modern society bullshit that you can’t make fun of anyone.

So these guys have my total respect.

And besides they are really funny.

If you want to have a good laugh then start following them!



I love this show!

It’s an old one. But I don’t have that mentality that if something is not from this year then I don’t watch it.

Actually these days, most movies and TV shows suck.

I only watch things that wake up something from me. That doesn’t happen with MOST things today.


I had no idea The Mentalist would be so fun and dramatic. Thankfully my brother Nicolas told me about it.

Started from season 1, I’m on Episode 23 by now.

I haven’t got time to watch some more right now, really busy.

But what I mostly love about this TV show, is that it has chapters that are not following the main story. I don’t want to spoil anything but you’ll understand once you see the first episode.

So it has episodes that are just really fun, just another case they need to solve. Not dwelling much in character development.

But for example in Episode 23, it has more dramatic buildup than most movies today!

Why? Because it follows the Main Story of Patrick Jane.

All the main characters are great. But Patrick Jane takes all the stage lights. It’s is by far one of the most interesting characters of all TV shows I’ve watched.

Anyway if you are looking for a good and fun TV show then I fully recommend it friend.


For the moment there is really nothing else I watch on YOUTUBE or in the TV.

Maybe I’ll add something else in the future.

Yeah I know, I didn’t talk about any modern ACTION movies/shows. I really don’t like any of that.

They are all the same and boring.

I stick with OLDER ACTION MOVIES. Most of the modern ones suck.

Basically they have no script, poorly filmed, shitty editing, etc.

But I can forget all of that.

The worst thing they have is…

They have NO soul.

The movie ends and that’s it. Another forgettable thing that nobody will remember in a few months, probably even weeks.

You have no FEELING towards it. You just get up from your chair and out of the theater.

No emotions at all.

That’s why I watch things that at least have a SOUL. And I don’t care what everybody thinks.

Even the shittiest 80’s movie had more SOUL that things today.

The feeling when a GOOD movie ends, you just smile and feel completely energized by it.

That feeling is what’s lacking in today’s entertainment.

What I’m trying to say is that everything you see, from a movie or a TV show INFLUENCES YOU.

Either in a really depressing way or in a really GOOD way.

You have a choice to either watch most Modern toxicity shit (feminist agenda, etc.) or watch things that lift you up.

You have a choice to wake up and think about the BAD things in life, or go for the GOOD ones.

You have a choice to be influenced of what you SHOULD watch or what you WANT to watch.

You have a choice to be somebody else, or to be YOURSELF.

You always have a CHOICE.

I recommend that you choose the hardest one.

The one that most people are afraid to take.


So you decide if you want to watch the things I recommended.

Thank you for reading comrade!

Let me know what you think in the Comment Section.

Your friend,


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